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Python Django Training in Marathahalli

Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language. Python has been one of the premier, flexible, and powerful open-source language that is easy to learn, easy to use, and has powerful libraries for data manipulation and analysis

Python Training Overview

GRK Trainings is a Best Software Training institute in Marathahalli Bangalore. Daily 1 hour class and 5 hours of practice on various Real time Python Django projects.

Python Django Course Content

Core Python

1) Fundamentals of Python

2) Input Statements

3) Command line arguments

4) Output Statements

5) Operators

6) Conditional Statements

7) Looping Statements

8) Transfer Statements

9) String Data Type

10) List Data Structure

11) Tuple Data Structure

12) Set Data Structure

13) Dictionary Data Structure

14) Packages

15) Functions

16) Decorators

18) Genarators

19) OOPS

20)Abstract Methods

21)Abstract classes


23) Modules

24) Exception Handling

25) MultiThreading

26) File Handling

27) Regular Expressions

28) Web Scraping

29) Assertions

30) Python Logging

31) PDBC

  • Introduction to Web development and Django
  • Django & IDE Installation
  • Development of First Web Application
  • Django Templates
  • Dajango Static Files
  • Models and Databases
  • Django Forms
  • Django Model Forms
  • Advanced Template Features
  • Session Management
  • User Authentication and Autherization
  • Class Based Views
  • CRUD Operations using class based and function based views.
  • Django ORM.
  • Working with Advanced Model Concepts.
  • Django Middleware.
  • Deployment of application in live environment.
1 HTTP Verbs vs Database CRUD Operations:
 2 How to install Django Rest Framework:
3 Types of Web Services:
4 Web Service Provider vs WebService Consumer:
5 Django View Function to send HTML Response:
6 Django View Function to send HTTPResponse with JSON Data:
7 Django View Function to send JsonResponse directly:
8 Python Application to communicate with Django Application:
 9 HTTPie Module:
 10 Class Based View(CBV) to send JSON Response:
 11 *args vs **kwargs:
 12 Mixin(Mixed In):
13 Performing database CRUD operations by using web api without REST Framework:
14 Serialization
15 Error Handling in the API:
16 Status Codes:
17 How to render HttpResponse By using Mixing
18 How to use dumpdata Option:
19 How to Create Resource from partner application by using API (POST Request):
20 How to disable CSRF Verification:
21 How to Check Data is json OR not

22 Creating Model Based Form to hold Employee Date

23 Performing Update Operation (put() Method)

24 Performing Delete Operation

25 Problem with Our Own Web API Framework

26 Rewriting Total Application to satisfy Single ENDPOINT Rule 27 Partner Application to send get() Request

28 Developing WEB APIs by using 3rd Party Django REST Framework


Here we are covering Python, Django and Django Rest Framework. The total course duration is minimum 2 months 15 days to maximum 3 Months. Please go through the above content, in the middle of the course if you are not attending the classes because of any personal reasons the fee amount will not be refund to you.

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